2022 Most-Hyped Home Design Trends

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There will come a day when the pandemic is no longer a daily topic of conversation. For now, it is still very much a part of our daily thought. It has shaped so much of our daily routine, and it has shaped the way we think about our homes. According to Krisztina Bell and NAR, here are the 2022 home design trends:

Multifunction Spaces | Many people are either working from home completely or part time. That means their home needs have changed to include workspace. Guest rooms are now including office space or a formal living room is being transformed completely into an office. Great rooms are including built-ins to function as library space. And having two kitchen islands is growing in popularity as the kitchen space is also doubling as craft, school, and or work spaces.

Interior Meets Exterior Spending more time at home has brought about an importance to include nature in their homes. Whether that's by adding plants around your home, having floor to ceiling windows, or bring natural elements through décor accessories. 

Maximalism | People are surrounding themselves with elements that really express their personalities. This could be through bright area rugs, expressive light fixtures, or even a disco ball hung in the garage for dance parties.

Black Accents | Black accents can be a perfect compliment to natural wood pieces, and can be glamorous against white walls. A little black goes a long way when added to design.

Textures and Patterns | Bell states that texture and pattern is going to be huge in 2022. Adding applied molding can create such a versatile array of pattern and texture. Drapery and throw pillows are always a fun and easy way to add pattern to a room. Rugs and blankets can help add texture as well.


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