At What Price Do You List Your Home?

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How do you determine at what price to list your house? Your agent will gather information to go over with you that will help determine at what price you should like your home. When you determining a good time to sit down and discuss listing your home, your agent will start by asking you questions about your house to get a feel for the layout, the finishes, and the improvements. This will help your agent to gather relative market information. Than, when you meet with your agent to discuss this information, they will tour your house with you & then sit down with you & present a CMA: comparative market analysis. A CMA is a report of comparable houses in the surrounding area & details on those houses. The report will include active listings, pending/under contract listings, and sold properties. Active listings are houses that are currently up for sale but have not yet sold. Pending/under contract are homes that have a contract but haven’t reached the close day yet. This will tell you at what price the home was desirable to buyers. Sold properties are those homes that had a contract and successfully reached the close table. This will tell you how many days the house was on the market before it went under contract, what the original list price was, at what price it went under contract, & the price the home actually sold for. It will also supply you with pictures of the properties so you can compare the home's finishes, layout, and location to your home. This report will be tailored to houses in close proximity to yours & houses that are comparable to yours in size, condition, location, and lot size. For example: if you have a one story house, the report will only include one story homes versus two story homes as well. Your agent will go over the report with you in detail and should give you a range that your home should be listed for to be most desirable to buyers. In the end you will feel more comfortable choosing a list price to get your home sold.