Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Home Improvement

HVAC System Inspection

You should have your HVAC system checked twice a year, fall and spring. Your furnace hasn't been used all summer so now is a good time to have a professional check it over and make sure it's still working properly. Doing this small maintenance can help extend the life of your unit.

Turn Off and Flush Outdoor Water Faucets & Detach Hoses

When water freezes, it expands. When this happens in a closed pipe, the ice displaces the water, increasing its pressure exponentially. If this is allowed to go on for too long, the pipe will burst causing water to come flooding out the next time you go to use your hose. The only way to stop this is to turn off the water upstream. 

Inspect the Fireplace & Clean Flue

Fall weather brings cozy fires. A fire can turn dangerous if your chimney has a buildup of tar vapor called creosote. Here is a good article on how to check if your chimney is in need of a cleaning. https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/when-to-clean-a-chimney-flue/

Clean Gutters and Check Roof

Fall is a beautiful time of year with all the leaves changing colors, but with that comes leaves in your yard and in your gutters. You will want to inspect your gutters and make sure they are clear of debris. You should also take this time to examine your roof (of have a professional do it) for debris, and missing or damaged shingles.

Close Lawn Irrigation Systems

To minimize the risk of freeze damage, you'll need to winterize your irrigation system. It is required in Missouri that you obtain a backflow certificate annually as well. Here is a good website going over the FAQs our Missouri's backflow prevention: https://dnr.mo.gov/pubs/pub2158.htm 

Check Exterior Grade

Make sure that the drainage around your home is going away from you home. Otherwise you could end up with cracks in your foundation and/or water in your basement.


Now is also a good time to prune your plants so they're ready for the winter and store your yard toys.