Getting Your Home Ready for Showings

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Putting your house on the market means having potential buyers stopping by at any given time. You'll want to have your home “show ready” at all times during this period. Here are some helpful tips to get you there - 1) De-clutter: remove any clutter from your home; box it up or throw it away. This small step will make your house feel larger to potential buyers. If you are a person who has a difficult time letting go, enroll the help of a friend. It doesn't mean that things will be thrown away and gone forever, but they will be removed for the period of selling your house. Here's a little tip *Take a before and after picture* This will help paint the picture even better. You can see just how much larger the space looks when you minimize what you have in it  2) Deep Clean: take a few days to really do some Spring cleaning. Clean the grout, the glass shower door, inside the oven, under the bed, etc. All those little places that tend to get missed. Remember, it always seems to take longer than you anticipated so allow yourself enough time. And if life always seems to get in the way (we know that feeling), ask your realtor if they have a cleaning vendor you could use. It might be worth the money to have someone else take over the task. Don’t forget to do a deep clean once a week there after as well. 4) Tidy Up: Now that your home is spotless, try to keep it that way as much as possible. Wake up a few minutes earlier so you have time to do a spot check before heading out the door. 3) Lawn Care: keep your bushes trimmed, your lawn cut, and your weeds pulled. Curb appeal goes a long way to having a buyer love your home the minute they pull up to it!