Home Improvement on a Budget

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Home Improvement

There are improvements you can do to your home on almost any budget. If you are wanting to make changes but don't have a large budget to do so, here are some inexpensive changes you can do yourself.

Painting! Painting can go a long way to change the look of a home. Giving your walls, trim, and doors a fresh coat of paint can really make your space feel new. If you can't afford to get new cabinets or bathroom vanities, try painting or staining them. Just be careful! You'll want to use a good primer and wait the allotted time before painting to ensure the paint sticks well. Try painting your front door, shutters, and even exterior light fixtures as well. Painting is almost always cheaper than replacement and can have a great looking outcome... if done right. (Ask us about our business account with Sherwin Williams so you can get your paint at a discount!)

If you have time and patience, shopping around for used items can be a great way to do some improvements. Habitat for Humanity has a resale store, ReStore, that has resale home items. Facebook marketplace is another great place to shop. These places are going to be hit and miss so it might take looking periodically until you find an item that works for your project and for the right price. Just be careful that you don't get overwhelmed by your options and start picking items that aren't cohesive with the rest of your home or that don't fit for the project at hand. If you have to make adjustments for sizing and quality than it might no longer be worth it. And always meet in a public, well lit place and use the buddy system if you're purchasing from a private party.

Rearrange furniture. Sometimes it's just a matter of rearranging furniture for your space to take on a completely different look. Try swapping out a side table in one room for one in another. Or spend time decluttering to give your space a fresh new perspective.

Here's the most important tip for taking on projects yourself. Don't take on more than you can handle. If you were never one to color inside the lines than painting isn't a project you should do yourself. Or if you have never done a DIY project before than replacing your cabinets yourself isn't where you should start. Remember, the idea is to improve your home for your enjoyment while hopefully improving your home's value in the process. So don't take on a project that you're going to have to pay a professional to correct later. And if you'd like advice on the best projects to bring you the most return on your investment, just reach out! We're happy to do a free consultation.