Moving Tips

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Moving can be stressful. Here are a few tips to help alleviate some that stress - 1) Don’t procrastinate. We hear it in all aspects of life and it’s so true. Start packing early because your stuff tends to multiply when you’re trying to get it all packed. Plus life happens and the time you thought you had might soon be taken up by something unexpected. 2) Contact movers weeks in advance. That way you have time to review them for quality and price, see who’s available for the dates you need, and get it scheduled. If you don't know any movers or just want some recommendations, ask your realtor. They probably have a few vendors they would recommend. 3) Purge, donate, and sell. This one is a hard one for some people, but now would be a good time to start getting rid of items you haven’t touched or looked at in years. Contact your local nonprofit organizations and shelters and see where you can take the items. Some places may even come pick it up for you. 4) Packing Up Your Closet - Ikea's "Frakta" bags are great for packing your hanging cloths! They hold a ton, they have handles, and you never have to take your cloths out off the hangers! And they're inexpensive! Just add a bundle of hanging cloths on one side so that the hangers are folded inward, then add another bundle facing the opposite direction, folding the hangers inward again. We know how stressful moving can be, but we hope this has helped!