Organizing Your Garage

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Home Improvement

Organizing your garage can be done and on a budget. There are a lot of great organizing cabinets and built-in that you can buy or construct yourself, but we have found that heavy duty wire shelving units are a great fix! They are versatile and can easily go with you when you move. And you can leave room at the bottom so your lawn equipment fits underneath. You can also use these great S hooks to hang extension cords, tools, etc.

Step 1: Remove the Trash

Not just the trash cans. Go through and remove what doesn't need to be there. If you haven't used it in a year or more, chances are it can be thrown away.

Step 2: Group Like Items

Go through and put like items together. All your tools together, your lawn equipment, paint items, kids yard toys, etc.

Step 3: Measure and Go Shopping!

Now that you have everything together you will have a better idea of how many shelves you need and what size storage containers you will need. And really, if you got enough shelving units to cover the space, even if you don't fill them right away, chances are you will always need extra space down the road. Take pictures and measurements of your smaller items and then head to Target, Walmart, or your Dollar store for inexpensive containers. If you like everything in a box with a lid, don't forget labels!

Step 4: Assembly

If you have help doing this project, while one of you is shopping for containers the other could be assembling the shelves. Don't forget to measure how tall you need your first shelf so your lawn mower or trash cans can fit underneath.

Step 5: Getting Your Garage Back!

This is the fun part! Once you put all your items in containers and find a space for them on the shelves, sit back and enjoy your organized space! But be surprised if you start looking for other areas of the house to organize. It can be addicting.


Containers - Target's Room Essentials, Walmart's Mainstay's, Dollar Tree

Wire Shelving - Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco (Check in store's price. We have found it to be cheaper than online)