Questions to Ask When Interviewing Agents

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GETTING READY TO SELL YOUR HOUSE?Than it's time to start interviewing agents. You want to pick an agent who not only is going to get your house sold, but also one that is honest, trustworthy, has integrity, and one with whom you can have a good working relationship. Here are some good questions to ask when talking with agents:


1) HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS?     There’s nothing wrong with working with a new agent and there’s nothing that says a seasoned agent is better because they’ve been in the business a while. This just gives you a better understanding of where they are in the business and what their background is like.


2) WHAT'S YOUR AVERAGE LIST PRICE-TO-SALES PRICE RATIO?     This depends in part on today’s market, but it will give you a better idea of the agent’s negotiating skills. Going with a listing agent that will offer a lower commission isn’t going to pay off if their list price to sales price ratio is also low. You want an agent who can get you the highest net proceeds in the shortest amount of time (or a time frame that is best for you).


3) WHAT IS YOUR MARKETING PLAN FOR MY HOUSE?     Does the agent have a strong marketing strategy or do they list your home and let it sit? You want an agent who is working to get your house as much exposure as needed, and who can think outside the box when necessary. Not every house should be treated equally. 


4) WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM YOUR COMPETITION?     What is this agent going to bring to the table that others agents won't, can't, or haven't thought of doing? Is it their honesty? Their dedication? Their strategy?


5) CAN YOU PROVIDE REFERENCES?     This gives you a better understanding of how an agent works. Their past clients can help paint a picture of what you can expect from your working relationship.


6) WHAT IS OUR COMMUNICATION GOING TO BE LIKE?     Are they available when you need them? Do they take evening and weekend calls? How early or late can you call? Our work hours are very dependent on our clients needs. It's important to set expectations early so there's not confusion with either party. You should know the agent's communication expectations and they should know yours as well.


7) CAN YOU HELP FIND ME PROFESSIONALS ALONG THE WAY? (inspectors, contractors, lenders, etc)     We have a list of vendors that we've built a relationship with over the years and trust their work. If you need help prepping your house for sale or agree to do work for a buyer during inspections, can your realtor help find you a professional you can trust? Time is of the essence so already having a portfolio of trusted vendors can be huge in alleviating stress before, during, and even after a transaction is done.


8) WHAT HAVEN'T I ASKED THAT I SHOULD KNOW?     We're here and ready to answer these questions & more! During our conversation with clients we often hear that we've covered all their concerns and offered information they didn't even think to ask. We would love to do the same for you! If you're planning your next move, let us help!