Organizing Your Kitchen

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A well organized home is something so many of us strive for, but sometimes can come up short. Does anyone else tend to overthink organization? We always try to find something that is practical and long lasting without giving up style. A lot of times this requires a little out of the box thinking. Here are are few items we've come up with:

We don't think they're just for parents with babies, these Boone Lawn Drying Racks are a great way to dry your cups, straws, utensils, and other smaller items, and it looks nice enough that you don't have to hide it away when you're done using it. It can be left on the counter. 

The 3M Command line is not just for walls! Their soap dish is a perfect solution to your sponge problem. Most sponge holders are either not attractive looking or the suction cups never stay in place. We have been using these command dishes for a while now and they work and look great! 

The kitchen really does require a lot of different soaps and cleaners on a daily basis. If you are looking for a nice way to have your cleaners on the counter while keeping with style, Norwex and Target have your covered. Norwex has a beautiful boutique look to it now and their containers hold up great. We uses this hand soap dispenser and this spray bottle and really love how it turned out. Then we rounded off the look with a simple white tray we found at Target.


Here are the links to the products: